University Students are hair and we discount our prices!


Student haircuts in Dundee

Students arrive in  Sep / October and after a few months in Dundee they need a haircut and unless they go for the self service kitchen scissors option they are looking for a new hairdresser.

Pink bobThis influx of new Dundee Students is a welcome addition to our new customer base as they usually have fresh ideas and interesting hairstyle requests.

Its refreshing talking to these new visitors to Dundee and getting their impression of our sometimes great city.

Students in Dundee  get a lovely place to study and a pretty hectic social life offered by the student’s union, plus all the fantastic west end pubs and clubs. Oh and a great library and not a bad bunch of lecturers to teach them their subjects.

HQS Hair is on the other side of “The Toon”  though lots of student flats are at this end so we see our fair share of the students looking for a hair cut or colour at a cheery price 🙂

Students Hair styles are as varied as the types of students coming into Dundee.  For example the Art Students are a bit more out there look for extremes and different looks with pretty strong ideas on the look they want to wear.

And not wanting to be stereotypical but the Computer studies types that come in have that functional thing in mind that keeps out of their way in their 4 or 5 monthly visit for a “tidy up”

We are just as happy colouring pastel pink bobs as doing a clipper cut beard and shaved sides

Whatever your plan is for your hair we happy to discuss, advise and try give you the look you want. Plus we give Students discount on Mondays and Thursdays – 20% .

Lots of students seem to be supreme hagglers either through financial necessity or wanting more booze money  so I can only go so low with prices but I will try to accommodate.

** TIP bring a picture on your Smartphone **


HQSHAIR 37 Cowgate Dundee we provide high quality mens and ladies hairdressing at great prices and we discount our prices by 20% for students on Mondays and Thursday’s.



2 thoughts on “University Students are hair and we discount our prices!”

  1. this is incredibly interactive for a hair cut. I like my long hair but I sound like the dorky type you described when it comes to choosing my hair cut. I’m always te same just clean it up and be done.

    What I have learned though is women love the hair. thy love your hair my hair their hair. So if your hair is interesting or nice looking it helps things a lot.

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