Hairdressing in Dundee plus getting to meet the best people :)

  I love my job styling cutting and colouring hair in Dundee – in fact its not really a JOB its more a way of life. Meeting friends on a regular basis and catching up on them and their everyday things.


IMHO – My customers old and new are often the best  people!

Its a part of my job that I get to meet amazing people with different views and outlook on life.

Variety is meant to be the spice of life and today and in my line of work every day is different and being just a normal Friday…  I met a Russian /Irish student (!)  studying computer gaming  who wants to create an online radio station and loves the Joe Rogan Podcasts that I rave about.

Then  a 70 + year old first time customer who sees ghosts and had the most brilliant spooky stories ever !  She told me about her cat who came back and haunted her after she had to make the heartbreaking decision to get him put down ( Haunting in a nice way Btw) and when she went to a spiritualist who whilst doing a reading for her told her to go home and see her mum. Turns out her mum was at home having a heart attack!

Every day is like this I get customers from all walks of life.

People often inspire me with their life stories. And I am a good listener while I go about my job of styling their hair.

So dont pass me by come in for a chat and a possibly discuss a new look  🙂

Colin x




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