Scalp and skin problems like Eczema and Dandruff?

Dandruff Scalp and Skin Problems


Cutting hair I get a close look at people’s scalp and btw I am not checking to see if people wash behind their ears I notice

that its becoming more and more common clients to have an issue with things such as Eczema or Psoriasis.

Whatever the reason it seems much more of an issue than even 10 years ago, its just scary fact that we are exposed to so much more chemicals nowadays.

There are so many harmful chemical ingredients in everyday use things like Shampoo and conditioner not to mention shower gels, toothpaste, skincare etc

PeakyourperformanceBack to scalp issues ( yes it too is connected! ) the nape and behind the ears are particularly susceptible and can be a sore and irritating symptom for the sufferer to deal with. .Eczema and Psoriasis love to show here.

When the itch happens what can you do apart from lather on the steroid creams?

First off .. as I said earlier there is a problem with many of the foaming / washing products you buy. Shampoos, shower gels etc from supermarkets and salons containing chemicals that will irritate skin conditions. And the majority of shampoos have harsh cleaning agents that have been around since the 1930’s before legislation basically. “Grand-fathered in” was the term used to  describe this.

Chemicals such as Sodium Laurel Sulphate –  which though wonderful at removing dead skin cells and breaking down oils is very much overkill and will more likely irritate your skin. And the thing about Sodium Laurel Sulphate is that its in so many other products !  Check your shower gel and even your toothpaste.  We are bombarded with it!

My advice is avoid anything that foams that contains this ingredient. Find out how you can get great alternatives here

There are many other ingredients that you should possibly try and avoid ..

Limaline and Limalool are two that are starting to become more noticeable as irritants and for those with skin conditions on the list to avoid. Polypropylene Glycol in conditioners is again something that in itself can penetrate the skin and poison your system. In just one dose its not too toxic… but its in so many products that it becomes loaded up in your system.Remember everything you come into contact with from dishwasher detergent to bathroom products affect you. Be smart try reducing exposure to chemicals by using products that are designed to be safer and non invasive and then boost your immune system with a good quality supplement.

My advice is to avoid products with ingredients known to penetrate the skin barrier a major one is SLS (Sodium Laurel Suplhate )  or its and get in to the body and in turn into our system. I personally choose to take a supplement range to top up on the nutrition that a modern day diet is missing. Our diets are less nutritious due to “cost effective” farming methods and basic cost cutting in nutritional benefits from foods ! It wouldn’t be beyond reason to guess that our Immune systems just can’t cope with all the gunk we get thrown at us .. and our immune system isn’t getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to be in tip top form. So in turn undernourished polluted bodies display signs that we are compromised.

I lose count of the number of customers who tell me they have just had a virus that then resulted in a visit to the doctors!

So I take a supplement regime, not wanting to sound smug its just part of my every day routine. I can’t afford to be off sick time! I spend about £2 a day (which is less than the cost of a cup of coffee  to get a complete supplement range in easy to take morning and afternoon and I have not been off work for years! Probably scuppered myself saying this but good health is worth the investment.

Ask at our salon for products that we recommend.

You will notice the difference I have seen so many people amazed at the results just by changing a few things as discussed above. Give me a call if you are interested in finding out more how you can make simple changes with lasting benefits!!




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